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Pens and Paper

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Hello! [Posted : 09.02.07 @ 09:17A]

[ mood | hopeful ]

One word at a time /♠/ I'll write you til the sun rises

[Posted : 06.06.07 @ 08:55P]

Name: Nancy
Age/dob/sign: I'm an 18 year old Aquarius, born January 28.
Gender: Girl
Work/school: I just graduated from Valencia High School.
Location: California
E-mail: the.sweetnessfollows@gmail.com
Main interests: Include, but are not limited to, fashion, music, baking, photography, journalism, psychology, reading, philosophy, travel, film, models, poetry, culture, languages.
Music: I always listen to different things, and I'm open to all kinds of music. Right now I'm liking My Morning Jacket, Radiohead, Cary Brothers, Nine Days, and Jeff Buckley.
Movies: I love, love movies. Some of my favorites are Vanilla Sky, Fight Club, A Very Long Engagement, The Science of Sleep, Shopgirl, and Tom's Midnight Garden. (More movies)
Books/authors: I love reading as well. I loved The Grapes Of Wrath, also In Arcadia, Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, Magical Thinking, Invisible Monsters, The Catcher In The Rye. I love Chuck Palahniuk, Augusten Burroughs, and Arthur Nersesian. (More books)
Other random favorite people/things/places: I would love to travel around Europe, I love learning about people, and my favorite drink is tea.
Collect: I keep my numerous amount of magazines.
Specifically seeking: Anyone between the ages of 16 and 28
Prefer long, medium or short letters?: Any letter, really
How many pen pals do you want?: There's no limit
International or local penpals?: Anywhere in the US
One word at a time /♠/ I'll write you til the sun rises

[Posted : 01.01.07 @ 11:25P]

Name: Christina
Age: 18
Birthday: 08 - 05 - 1988
Location: Northern California, USA
Email: outtamyhead03@hotmail.com

Favorite Color: blue, black, hot pink, dark red
Favorite Scents: old books, fresh cut grass, the smell right after it rains,
Favorite Music: i listen to lots of things. but my top bands are Reliant K, Dashboard Confessional, HelloGoodbye, The Wreckers, Fall Out Boy.
Favorite Literature: summer of the monkeys, harry potter, and anything by C.S. Luis
Favorite TV show/movie: Grey's Anatomy, Degrassi, Law and Order
Movies: Love Actually, Rent, lots and lots more
Favorite Things: books, music, stuffed animals from build-a-bear,
Favorite Professional or College Teams: hmm not sure. i just like watching
Do you collect anything? journals, keychains, post cards.
Hobbies: reading, writing, working, dancing, hanging out with friends.

Male or female or both: both
Ages: 18 +
How many do you want? as many as want to
Would you rather just receive and send cards and not letters? sure either one
Will you ship overseas? yeah
One word at a time /♠/ I'll write you til the sun rises

[Posted : 10.30.06 @ 09:15P]

Name: Kaily (kay-lee)
Age: 18
Email: be_still_my_heart106@hotmail.com
Country: USA
Languages you speak: English

Interests [10]:
Music Genre: Emo/Indie/Rock/JPOP
Favorite 3-lines from any poem: PROUD of my broken heart since thou didst break it,
Proud of the pain I did not feel till thee,
Proud of my night since thou with moons dost slake it,
Not to partake thy passion, my humility. -By: Emily Dickinson

A short Poem of your own[5-20lines]: Deliver Me: "I am the ghost of you in my arms
Hanging onto the last threads of life
My one and only
And the last
You will go into that sweet goodnight
Do not fear for I will always be here....
....and there
My brave beloved
My courageous companion
My fantastic friend
How sad it is, that tomorrow won't come again for you
And yet it will always come for me
If I could travel back in time.....
.....I'd be so selfish
Capturing my heart and taking it with you
As you fall into that eternal rest
We fought till the end
You fought the good fight
The stuff of legend
Now you're in heaven
Or whatever this crazy universe calls it
Come back to me
How can I go on with such an emptiness
Now I am in the all consuming
The darkness without my light
Wrapped in the slow trickle of sorrow
The rapture of anger
You smile your last
You were the calm before my storm
You were but the messenger....
Sent here to deliver me."

Everything You'd Want To Know About MeCollapse )
One word at a time /♠/ I'll write you til the sun rises

Penpals Anyone?? [Posted : 07.10.06 @ 09:49A]
Well Here I am again... still plenty of room for more pals... i have plenty of time on my hands so I can surely write you if you are willing to write me first...

A little about me.. im 23... from upstate ny.. i am currently jobless (hence the fact that i have alot of time on my hands) love music, reading, writing, drawing, chatting online, and spending time with my fiancee. i am serious about penpalling. if you put time into your letter i will to (creative people show me your creativity and ill do the same in return)

well if that sounds interesting please comment or email me at

jaggedlittlstarz @ aim.com


One word at a time /♠/ I'll write you til the sun rises

[Posted : 07.08.06 @ 08:05P]

[ mood | happy ]

Name: Krista Washum.
Age: 16.
Sex: Female
Birthday: February 8th.
Zodiac: Aquarius
Nickname[s]: Khild, Kwista, Sissy.
Describe yourself: Hyper, klutzy, airheaded, happy, depressed [I'm bi polar], insane, weird, whatever else.
Grade: Junior in high school.
School name: Homeschooled, I used to go to public school. All my life until ninth grade when I got to highschool I left about four or five months into it. I went to this ladys house to get tought but I got too distracted there even with only fifteen kids. So I do it all from home now.
Location: Arizona
Stuff you swap: Keychains, stickers, stationary, pins, pens, pencils, etc.
TV: Feix the Cat, Rainbow Brite, Blue's Clues, Teen Titans, Anime/Manga [I don't really care for dubbed I can only watch Inuyasha dubbed everything else I have to watch in japanese with subtitles. You don't miss as much], Three's Company, The Cosby Show [the ones with Olivia], Gilligan's Island, etc.
Movies: Dude Where's My Car?, The Princess and the Goblin, The Little Mermaid, A Little Princess, Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaa, Spirited Away, Alice in Wonderland, Billy Madison, A Lot Like Love, Beetlejuice, The Secret Garden, and way too many more.
Music: The Beatles, Queen, The All-American Rejects, The Starting Line, Ashlee Simpson, Brittney Spears [her first CD], Ben Harper, Ian Van Dahl, The Get Up Kids, The Sounds, Avril Lavigne, Fall Out Boy, and a crapload more.
Favorite Color[s]: Red and Purple

Likes: Animals, Old people, Kids, Mentally challenged kids/people, Chococat, Blue's Clues, Wolves, Anime/Manga, Felix the Cat, Rainbow Brite, Disney, Ariel [the little mermaid], Raving, Colors, Stuffed animals, stationary, stickers, keychains, etc.

Dislikes: My insane moodiness, having no life, etc [lol].

Loves: Zach [long distance relationship. I get to see him next month <3].

Do you want a boy or girl pen pal?:
Doesn't matter.
How many pen pals?: The more the merrier! ^_^
Contact Information: FlamableChica@yahoo.com
Email me there, or leave me a comment with your email address and I'll email you. Tell me a little about yourself. You can tell me more when we start sending letters...Thank you!
Anything else?: I don't think so.

2 / One word at a time /♠/ I'll write you til the sun rises

[Posted : 03.06.06 @ 01:40P]

Tell us about yourself:I am a french self taught artist in mixed media collages ,a zinester,a poetic writer and the most important a soul who needs to love,cherish,give,learn etc:)

Age:do I really have to mention that ?ok I just feel a little bad about it but it'll be alright...I will turn 27 soon...I am an ageless soul anyway;) :p
Country: France
Languages you speak:French,English,bits of spanish and Italian...tiny bits of Greek and german;)

Interests [10]:art,poetry,singing,faeries,philosophy,truth,hinduism,vintage stuff,kawaii stuff;)
Music Genre: piano rock,fierce and ethereal,poetic,melancholly mostly but once in a while funny music is cool too;)
Favorite 3-lines from any poem:

I tried to think a lonelier Thing
Than any I had seen --
Some Polar Expiation -- An Omen in the Bone

( by Emily dickinson)

A short Poem of your own[5-20lines]:

She sewed up her wrists with the silver thread that links the stars in her still so dark sky.
She has an umbrella for the torrential rains of brackish waters of these days that you shouldn’t name, that you would rather forget.
I would like to hold her tightly but she is so frail, so fragile...She would die in my embrace into a burst of glass bead fountain.
Remants of crystal, waste of purity...and no one hears her when she murmurs dirty words.
Nobody knows that she hides closest to her heart the words that make her feel so alive that intoxicate her...

(it's an extract of a metaphoric story I published in one of my zines)

What you're looking for in a penpal:I am not sure if I really want another penpal,but I'd love to have this interesting Love letters sharing once in a while,I want a valentine's day every month;)ihih...I say so because the idea of this community touched me;) I have already thought about creating such a community,to share love,especially when we are all so in love with the love sensation and the romantic things:)

Otherwise mostly in a penpal I search for something very precise,a deep soul,a true passionate bond, a real sharing and feeling like-minded:)

A Picture[sized or cut]:Read more...Collapse )
6 / One word at a time /♠/ I'll write you til the sun rises

[Posted : 03.05.06 @ 09:17P]


Tell us about yourself:

Name: Abigail Henderson
Email: Nyghtinggail@hotmail.com
Country: USA
Languages you speak: English, and very bad French.

Interests [10]: Art, Dance, Music, Poetry, Reading, Writing, Books, Love, Hair Dye, Fantasy
Music Genre: Alternative, and anything with good lyrics.
Favorite 3-lines from any poem:
It was a November night of Wind.
Leaves tore past the window.
God had the book of life open at PLEASURE

God's List Of Liquids- Anne Carson

A short Poem of your own[5-20lines]:
Once there was a short horse,
and oh you sat upon it.
Round Round
side side
You let it trot for you.
Oh, there was was a high horse.
And to the ground you flew.

What you're looking for in a penpal: Some one who wants to recieve and write letters, that are artistic and fun. and raw passion all in an evelope. Who will write often. Male or Female. Any age. Make me blush!
A Picture[sized or cut]:
1 / One word at a time /♠/ I'll write you til the sun rises

[Posted : 03.04.06 @ 09:46P]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello Sweetcheeks.

Pleaseplease remember to
Tell Us About YouCollapse )
so that you can get a Pen pal as soon as possible!


We would love to see what you have been sent!
Of course! We all love getting, and we all love giving.
and this is all fun and good.

But sometimes, people dont want certain things read.
Please, get permission from the sender weather you can post the letter within the community ONLY. I must make this VERY clear, and if these rules are not followed, I will kick some booty.

SO. When sending letters, write:




It's that easy.

thankyou very much lovelies, and start sending addresses!

click if you need to know HOW, TAMPON, HOW!Collapse )

Many Blessings;
Miss Tampon

1 / One word at a time /♠/ I'll write you til the sun rises

[Posted : 03.04.06 @ 08:48A]


My Loves,
So, as I'm going through the countless numbers of way to say this to you I couldn't find one that worked right. I'm still trying. If you end up having any questions or suggestions do speak up right away.
I'm so exhausted by starting somethings but having no support I have these great ideas, and feel like I need a small army to help accomplish them. But in this case all I need is your address, and the knowledge that you just want a love letter from me. 
A letter is as much a piece of art as anything in this world, except it's personal, I find myself writing so many impersonal letters to people now adays that I've lost the point.

This is What I Propose:
First we need members, I can't send letters or recieve them if I don't have addresses.
Secondly, we need someone who's competentant at keeping up a community moldytampon is our lady for that. She'll kick me in the butt or post if I'm drained.
Then we all need to know it's ok to write a love letter. It's alright it's not sappy, everyone enjoys a love letter.
Art, Poetry, and Simple one liners count, long indulgent letters count.
What I'd like people to try stay away from are the letters of mundane meaning: what you did that day, what you're doing. These letters should be about emotion and freedom, and that pound you get in your heart when you have no idea what to do.
It's ok, Letters can be clumsy.
Please remember, you're writing to a stranger that wants a love letter, not a stalker. Traditionally most penpals know what's up and what's going on. But this is truely for people who just want to send each other love letters.

I choose to name this community hidemyletters, because that's what I do. When I'm sent I letter I keep it tucked away for no one else, it makes it my personal treasure.  I can't vouge for the person writing you a letter, but it's my deepest hope that it will be beyond personal, that even before you read the words it makes you blush.

One word at a time /♠/ I'll write you til the sun rises

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